As much as we may wish that our pets could remain young and energetic forever, they age quite a bit faster than humans. Petsadena offers compassionate and competent care through every life stage. If you have an aging pet whose health has become frail, or your pet has a terminal illness, our staff will provide the caring support you need to manage issues your pet may be facing.

Hospice care for pets in the Pasadena area does not necessarily involve permanent lodging in a hospital setting, but goal-oriented care that maintains the highest level of comfort possible. When it has been determined that an illness cannot be cured, hospice care is initiated with the utmost consideration to you and your pet’s needs. We establish a plan that you and your family can carry out in the surroundings your pet knows and loves, continuing to provide your pet with the quality of life deserved. During this dignified process, you are able to maintain a closeness with your pet, and say goodbye in your own way. Should you have questions or concerns, we are just a phone call away.

In-home hospice can be a wonderful option for many of our patients. However, we respect the fact that every situation is different and that hospice is not for every patient or family. Hospice care can be time-consuming and very emotional. In addition to helping families come to terms with the ending point for hospice, our staff can also discuss euthanasia when the time comes.

Pet euthanasia is performed in the controlled setting of our comfortable office. The procedure itself is very gentle and does not take long. You have the option of remaining with your pet as medication is administered, but we completely understand if you prefer otherwise. If service becomes necessary, we respectfully discuss these personal preferences, as well as your wishes for your pet’s remains.

If you are struggling with your pet’s health, we can help you explore your options. Call Petsadena for the end-of-life care your pet needs.