Petsadena is proud to offer innovative modalities to our valued patients. Pets who are recovering from surgery or injury, or who require ongoing pain management for chronic aches and pains, benefit greatly from the use of cold laser therapy. Pets are the best patients for this technology! Because they cannot be affected by a possible placebo effect, their return to higher activity levels proves the benefits of cold laser therapy in the veterinary setting.

Cold laser therapy has been an accepted form of rehabilitation therapy for humans for several years. Recently, its use has begun to soar in the field of veterinary medicine, and we could not be happier to have the ability to help your pet regain greater vitality.

What is laser therapy?

Laser devices affect tissue with photobiostimulation, or photobiomodulation. The photons from the device penetrate deeper tissues to positively influence cellular activity. Additionally, wavelengths of infrared light warm tissues, instigating a natural healing response. Treatment is customized to the size of the patient and the condition we are addressing.

Benefits of cold laser therapy include:

Accelerated cell growth and tissue repair

One of the most common uses of cold laser therapy is for pain management. As cells are stimulated by laser light, they reproduce more quickly because they have more available energy. The increase in nutrients delivered to the targeted cells also prompts the removal of waste products from these vital structures, allowing them to expedite healing.

Wound healing

From the stimulation of laser light comes the production of fibroblasts, cells that lay the foundation for collagen production. Collagen is a protein that is crucial to tissue repair and wound healing, including burns.

Anti-inflammatory effects

Laser energy causes vasodilation, or the mild expansion of blood vessels. The effect of this dilation is decreased swelling. Additional, lymphatic drainage is activated, so swollen tissues drain off excess fluid. This not only minimizes swelling but bruising, as well.


The positive effect on nerve cells blocks pain signals to and from the brain. Laser also stimulates production of pain-killing chemicals in the brain, including endorphins.

Vascular activity

New capillaries grow in response to laser light, which can aid in wound healing, a reduction of scar tissue formation, and tissue healing.

Improved Nerve Function

Nerve cells reconnect more quickly with cold laser therapy, which can restore optimal muscle action.

In addition to the numerous benefits of cold laser therapy, pet parents appreciate the non-invasive nature of treatment. No side effects, just improved comfort.

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