As much as you love your pet, you may not be able to take her with you on that family road trip to another state, or when you travel on business. If you find yourself facing some time away from home, you want to know that your pet is in the best possible hands. Petsadena is happy to provide safe and loving lodging for Pasadena families seeking pet boarding. Our facility is not only comfortable and spacious for pets, but you can enjoy peace of mind knowing there is a medical staff on site to watch over your pet while you are away. There are several reasons pet owners consider lodging at Petsadena:

  • Secure, spacious areas for dogs to stretch their legs.
  • Separate lodging areas for felines and canines.
  • Dedicated lodging staff attends to each pet’s needs for attention and activity.
  • Dogs are walked and played with routinely throughout the day.
  • Pets are given the tender loving care they would receive at home.
  • We get to know our guests and their daily habits. So if your pet is not eating normally or seems ill, this is noticed right away.
  • We call each guest by name, and make sure they are comfortable. Pet that take a little longer to acclimate receive special attention to build trust and familiarity.
  • Our assistants and veterinary technicians are friendly and highly trained. They can administer necessary medications and properly care for “special needs” pets.
  • The on-site medical staff quickly sees to any unexpected situation, and you will be notified immediately should your pet become ill.
  • The normal food, or premium pet food, will be fed during your pet’s stay.
  • If you would like, we will bathe your pet so he or she looks and smells fabulous when you pick them up.
  • We are happy to accommodate special requests!

Petsadena Animal Hospital cares about comfort and safety. Our lodging facility is maintained to our high standards so our guests have a happy, healthy environment to enjoy. Our expert staff knows how to meet the needs of animals who are temporarily separated from family and home. Guests of our Pasadena pet boarding facility actually seem to enjoy their own vacation!

With your pet receiving the compassionate and competent care you expect, you can give business or family the attention needed.

Learn more about our lodging services when you call (626) 414-5919 for a tour of our facility.