Whether you have just started or expanded your pet family, or you have enjoyed the company of your canine or feline companion for years, you want the best for your smallest family members. When it comes to nutrition, it can be difficult to determine the best feeding program.

Nutrition is one of the most vital components of preventive care. At Petsadena, we do not skip or skimp when it comes to assessing and discussing nutrition. Nutritional counseling begins as early as your first puppy or kitten checkup.

Why nutrition matters

Your pet’s quality of life and longevity are directly determined by what – and how much – he or she eats on a regular basis. To maintain optimal health and wellness, each animal has specific requirements based on several factors. When fed well, your pet will be better equipped to handle injury and disease, should this be encountered. Additionally, proper nutrition enhances vitality while controlling weight, which can be a real challenge for many pets and their owners.

The issue of weight

Obesity is a major problem for our pet friends. With too much weight on their small frame, a dog or cat is at a higher risk for kidney disease, respiratory disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, and certain types of cancer. Additional weight places undue stress on the muscular and bone structure, as well as internal organs, increasing the risk of injury. Pets who have been diagnosed with a chronic health condition, or with arthritis, especially need proper nutrition in order to manage comfort and wellness.

Obesity can steal years from your pet’s life!

At Petsadena, we perform nutritional assessments at every life stage and for every possible situation, such as a food allergy or growth and development. Our experienced staff can make recommendations for types of food appropriate for your pet, the quantity of food your pet needs to thrive, and supplementation that may be required to address certain issues.

Understandably, you want to give your pet the very best. We can help you implement feeding habits, including healthy treats, that your pet will love.

Schedule your visit at our Pasadena veterinary clinic for routine care and nutritional counseling.