No one likes living with a painful condition. When it comes to our pets, it can be difficult to determine if they are experiencing pain. Their natural instincts lead them to hide their pain from pet parents. For this reason, it is important to pay attention to that feeling that tells you your pet may not be well.

Your pet may indicate pain by moving more slowly or running less. He or she may not show excitement about playing or going for a previously-loved walk. Sometimes, pain will cause a pet to cower or growl when touched, or to seem generally unhappy. If your pet exhibits any of these behaviors, we invite you to learn more about the pain management services offered by your veterinarian in Pasadena.

Pain management is an area of veterinary medicine that has experienced significant advances in recent years. We are happy to offer a variety of therapeutic treatments to help our patients regain comfort and energy. Some of the common methods of managing pain include medications such as anti-inflammatory drugs or pain-relievers. Newer pharmaceutical options have also been developed. At Petsadena, we also use innovative cold laser technology and the ancient practice of acupuncture, both of which have been proven to achieve significant results in pets.

Pets may be slowed by a number of painful conditions. Some of the common ailments that may require pain management include:

  • Post-surgical pain
  • Pain from an injury
  • Arthritis
  • Hip dysplasia
  • Back pain
  • Cancer pain
  • Chronic pain of unknown origin

Don’t treat pain with human medication!

Your pet has different needs and different ways of processing ingested substances. Medications that you use for pain reduction can be harmful or even fatal to your pet. Furthermore, it is important to determine the cause of pain so your pet can experience a full recovery from his or her condition. When only the symptom of pain is treated, it is possible to miss important clues to your pet’s health and longevity.

Diagnosing and treating pain properly is at the heart of compassionate veterinary care. The team at Petsadena employs appropriate diagnostic tools to make an accurate diagnosis relating to pain so we may formulate a suitable plan for pain management.

To learn more about PRP therapy and its application in veterinary medicine, watch this informative video:

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Your pet does not need to live in pain. Schedule care at Petsadena Animal Hospital at (626) 441-1137.