Parasites are living organisms that live on a host, which enables them to survive. You don’t want that host to be your pet!

In addition to causing your cat or dog unnecessary skin or internal irritation, there is a risk that parasitic conditions may be passed from your pets to the human members of your family. At Petsadena Animal Hospital, we are committed to prevention and early intervention should a risk of infection be identified.

It is not always easy to tell that a pet has parasites. Some infections produce no symptoms whatsoever, though they are adversely affecting the host. Once infestation has occurred, it can be difficult to clear. Prevention, on the other hand, is quite simple. During routine check-ups, we discuss the value and need for screenings and preventive treatments.

Fleas and ticks

Fleas are more than a nuisance, they can cause distress and discomfort, infection, and allergic reactions. Fleas can also transmit disease as they consume blood from various hosts. There are several methods of flea prevention, and our staff can help you determine which is most appropriate for your pet. Ticks also pose the risk of disease transmission as they consume blood from numerous different hosts. Many of the flea preventatives are also appropriate for tick prevention.


Heartworm is a fatal parasitic infection that may affect a dog or a cat. Once the parasite has settled into the heart of an animal, it can cause disease in this organ as well as in the lungs. Cats infected with heartworm cannot be treated due to the high potential for complications. Although dogs may be treated, the process may be costly, painful, and possibly life threatening. Prevention is a much better option.


Fortunately, diagnosis for worms is quite easy, and this type of parasitic infection is relatively simple to treat. Because your pet’s health can be damaged by intestinal worms, it is important to receive the necessary assessment at routine visits. Also, if worms are suspected, treatment should begin as quickly as possible in order to prevent transmission to other pets and to humans.

The staff at Petsadena Animal Hospital will create a prevention plan for your pet. To schedule your assessment and consultation, call (626) 441-1137.