Pasadena area veterinary hospital offers counseling for proper dog nutrition

Dr. Evelyn Sagastume and the team of Petsadena Animal Hospital in Pasadena are proud to assist pet parents in providing their furry friends with the best in nutrition. Eating right is the best way for humans to look and feel their best, and this same rule applies for the dogs of the house!

Why nutritional counseling?

It is highly encouraged that pet parents take note of their pet’s weight and fully understand how it affects their overall health and wellness. The biggest concern is obesity. It is a serious concern that is avoidable with proper nutrition. The added weight on a pet’s body can lead to a variety of medical concerns including:

  • Diabetes
  • High blood pressure
  • Kidney disease
  • Respiratory illnesses
  • Cancer

Our doctors start with a nutritional assessment. We evaluate the foods enjoyed by the pet and how often they eat, along with their general portion sizes. From here, we can develop a proper diet, based on your pet’s needs. We also consider health issues that may warrant a special diet, including diabetes, arthritis, and chronic heart conditions. Management of these issues can keep problems at bay while ensuring pets are healthy. This increases their life span and provides the appropriate foods and nutrients they need for a full and active lifestyle. We know you want your pets to have the very best when it comes to food and health.

Ready to discuss weight control for your pet?

Nutritional counseling is an aspect of your pet’s health that shouldn’t be overlooked. Now is the best time to contact the team of Petsadena Animal Hospital to find out more about how your pet should eat to live a long and healthy lifestyle. Our facility is conveniently located at 959 Raymond Avenue and can be reached at (626) 441-1137.

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