Pasadena, CA veterinarian provides compassionate care. Ask about home pet euthanasia

Facing the need to euthanize your pet is never easy, even if you know it is best for your animal. Unfortunately, it’s a decision that every pet-owner will face one day. Petsadena Animal Hospital, in Pasadena, CA, believes in compassionate and comprehensive care. We want to help your pet and you through the process. We encourage you to discuss your options with us, including home pet euthanasia.

In aiding our patients and their owners with euthanasia, as well as our own experiences as pet owners, we have a few tips to help make the process a little less difficult for you.

Before the procedure:

  • Book the procedure for a time that has lower traffic. We have found that it is easier for your grief if the clinic isn’t busy, affording you a bit more privacy. We can help you decide on the right time to book the appointment.
  • Take the day off from work or other activities. You will be grieving afterwards. We strongly encourage you to take the quiet time to come to terms.
  • Discuss the different options we can provide for you, such as where the procedure can take place.
  • Consider aftercare options to decide on your wishes for your pet after the procedure. We can review the options available for you to choose.

During the procedure:

  • Allow us to give your pet a sedative. This helps calm their anxiety and ease yours as well.
  • Spend a much time as you need with your pet before or after the procedure. We want you to feel supported during this difficult time.

Let us be there for you and your pet at all stages of its life, including the very last. (626) 441-1137.

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