Pasadena, CA veterinary hospital provides pet dental services to help your pet’s health

Just like humans, your pet’s oral health can affect their whole-body health. Many pet owners don’t realize that regular cleanings are important for their pets to have ongoing optimal health. Petsadena Animal Hospital in Pasadena, CA, wants each of our pet patients to enjoy optimal overall health. That’s why we offer pet dental services.

Steps for veterinary dental cleaning:

  • We do an awake oral exam of your pet. We can then get a general impression of the condition of your pet’s mouth. This is a great time for us to explain exactly what we will be doing and for you to ask any questions you may have. We also educate on the best techniques for at home care that can benefit your pet.
  • We will draw blood to ensure that there will be no potential problems and to ensure that your animal is healthy enough to have general anesthesia used.
  • After we provide the general anesthetic and your pet is no longer awake, we will do a complete oral exam and radiographs. We then do a full cleaning, including under the gum line where periodontal disease can develop. We then scale and polish the visible part of your pet’s teeth.
  • After recovery, your pet is almost always able to go home, unless additional procedures are scheduled.

Recommended questions to ask to help understand the procedure:

  • What laboratory work do you do prior to anesthesia? Asking this will help us detail for you the type of testing that we do to ensure your pet’s safety.
  • What is your anesthesia protocol? This allows us to explain that we have a trained staff member who monitors blood pressure, blood oxygen saturation, respiratory rate, and body temperature.

We want you to know that your pet is our top priority. Call to learn more. (626) 441-1137.

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