Pasadena vet helps owners understand how pet medications can help pets’ behaviors

The role of the pet in American society has changed over the last few decades. As advances in pet medicine are made and more people cherish lifelong relationships with animals, we seek to help our pets with mental problems. At Petsadena Animal Hospital, located in Pasadena, we are committed to fostering a close and long-term bond between you and your pet. Sometimes, pet medications make this possible.

Conditions that behavioral medications help:

  • Timidity and fear of new things.
  • Thunderstorm or loud noise phobias.
  • Separation anxiety.
  • Compulsive behavior (when your animal performs the same behavior sequence over and over).
  • Excessive licking.
  • Cognitive dysfunction.
  • Litter box problems caused by anxiety.
  • Urine marking.
  • Aggression.


Is medication necessary?

Many pet owners are hesitant about using medication to help regulate a pet’s behavior. Sometimes though, the medication can be used to pave the way for behavior modification techniques. Your animal can’t begin to focus on improving a behavior if anxiety or fear is getting in the way! For example, cats are solitary creatures, and sometimes, can cause problems if multiple cats are in the same household. If an individual cat is anxious over the presence of other cats, it can be nearly impossible to help them adjust. Medication can ease the way.

Why medication should not be the only solution:

Medication will not resolve the behavior patterns. It works to reduce the emotional part of the situation. Modification training is still a vital part of helping your pet on the path to a healthy and happy life. We are pleased to be able to create individualized plans that can help address your pet’s specific problems. This might include both medication and creating a behavioral modification plan. We can help you and your pet be happy. Call our office today at (626) 441-1137 to schedule an appointment.

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