Pet owners in the Pasadena, CA looking for a place that can do veterinary ultrasounds? We can!

Decades ago, there were times when pet owners were faced with the choice of subjecting their animal to a highly invasive and expensive surgery to determine the health condition of their pet. In the last two decades, fewer owners are having to face this decision and more pets are living longer and healthier lives. This is thanks to veterinary ultrasounds! At Petsadena Animal Hospital we believe in helping you have a healthy and happy pet, which is why we provide this service on-site.

What an ultrasound is:

This diagnostic technique uses ultrasound waves to “see” inside of your animal by producing an imaging study. The high-frequency sound waves create the image of what’s inside your pet’s body. It uses no radiation and is a non-invasive diagnostic tool.

Why use ultrasound imaging?

  • We can see the internal structure of many organs, allowing us to accurately determine if there is an abnormality present. We can detect and measure glands, cysts, or masses that would be too small to see on a traditional x-ray.
  • Heart ultrasounds allow us to diagnose and treat cardiac disease in ways that we couldn’t imagine just a few decades ago, as well as monitor the effects heart medications are having on the heart function.
  • Pregnancy: Just like for humans, we can provide ultrasounds to diagnose early pregnancy and determine the number of fetuses present.
  • Accurate diagnosis of kidney and bladder stones.

The procedure:

  • Most pets can have procedure performed without sedation or with only mild sedation depending on the pet’s level of comfort with the procedure.
  • We typically clip some hair to aid in the ultrasound’s ability to create images.
  • Can take from around 10 minutes to over 45 minutes depending on the size of the animal and the area being examined.

At Petsadena Hospital, we consider the “three Cs” when treating your pet. Compassion, comfort, and comprehensive care all top goals for us. We want healthy and happy animals! Call today to schedule a consultation. (626) 441-1137.

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