Petsadena is happy to offer pet rehabilitation! This can be of great benefit to treat many conditions such as arthritis, orthopedic injuries/disease, obesity, and post surgical recovery from orthopedic surgeries. Our aim is to improve your pet’s quality of life thru the use of beneficial modalities such as massage, physical therapy, laser therapy, and use of medications/supplements. After our initial consultation, we will develop a specialized treatment for your pet. Our sessions consist of massage therapy that is used to promote blood circulation, increase range of motion, and restore flexibility. Physical therapy consists of exercises that promote strength, balance, coordination, and stamina which are tailored to your pet’s condition. We combine this with laser therapy. This type of therapy helps to reduce inflammation and promotes increased blood flow so that healing can occur. These therapies in combination with a pain management protocol can work synergistically to improve your pet’s mobility and comfort level.

To schedule your pet’s physical therapy or rehabilitation, call our Pasadena animal clinic at (626) 441-1137.