Just as preventive health care is necessary for you to feel your best, routine veterinary visits facilitate a long and healthy life for your pet. Canine and feline friends cannot communicate their needs to us, which is why health screenings and vaccinations are such an important aspect of pet ownership.

Yearly exams for pets address their unique needs at each life stage. Because your pet is aging about 7 years to every one of yours, changes in health occur at a much faster pace. If a health challenge arises, your pet is not likely to give you obvious clues. The two primary ways that health issues become evident are symptoms and routine health exams. If you wait for an indication of illness through symptoms, your pet may have developed a serious health problem. With vaccinations and wellness visits, the friendly staff at Petsadena seeks to help your pet enjoy optimal health – and help you save money.

Preventive care and vaccinations are scheduled as needed throughout the first year of life, and boosters are recommended at regular intervals thereafter. Some of the common vaccinations we perform include bordetella, rabies, and distemper/parvo. We also discuss methods of heartworm, flea and tick prevention as early as possible. Many of the diseases for which vaccinations are offered can be transmitted to other pets, and some can be fatal to pets. If your pet is due for vaccinations, contact our office for prompt, compassionate care.

Dental checkups are also performed during routine wellness visits, as the health of your pet’s teeth and gums will affect general health. It is far more convenient, affordable, and comfortable for your pet, to manage dental health with routine checks and professional dental cleanings than to have to treat conditions such as decaying teeth and gum disease.

Pets are part of our families and offer companionship for their lifetime. In return, we give them the best possible care by addressing the needs they cannot communicate to us. Our team has extensive training in all aspects of veterinary medicine, and we treat our patients like members of our own families.

To schedule your pet’s wellness visit, call our Pasadena animal clinic at (626) 441-1137.