Veterinary hospice and pet euthanasia services in Pasadena, CA

It can be difficult to see our furry family members become senior pets or struggle with a terminal condition. However, having a team of professionals in the Pasadena, CA area to help you through this process is extremely important. Dr. Evelyn Sagastume of Petsadena Animal Hospital provides a variety of end-of-life care services including veterinary hospice and pet euthanasia.

Veterinary hospice

Caring for a pet during their last days requires a strong heart and an understanding for what they are going through. We provide hospice care for pets, just as hospice is available for people. This includes providing medication and treatments to keep pets comfortable until their family is ready to make a decision about their quality of life and need for euthanasia.

Pet euthanasia

Another service available in our facility is pet euthanasia. There are times when the most selfless thing a pet parent can do is to provide euthanasia to avoid prolonging suffering. This may also be beneficial for pets who have terminal conditions but are unable to get comfortable with the use of medications available in our office. Pet euthanasia is done in a discreet, compassionate manner in our office. We allow their family to spend some time with them before we provide the service, and aftercare options are discussed.

When might a pet require euthanasia?

  • When their terminal condition cannot be maintained with medication through veterinary ┬áhospice care
  • When the pet is in extreme pain that cannot be managed effectively
  • When they are unable to enjoy their day-to-day activities due to a medical condition that cannot be cured
  • When a pet is nearing natural death, as an option to eliminate the pain and suffering they may experience if left to pass away on their own
  • When a condition is untreatable

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